Get More Out of Your New iPhone With These Quick Tips

iPhones do a lot more than make calls! We are able to stream movies and TV shows, update our social sites, and listen to music. They can even give us direction to places we want to go. It appears as though the only thing they can’t do is the dishes. There’s a lot you realize your iPhone can do, but we wanted to share a few timesaving tricks you might have been unaware of.

Saving Time

If you find it hard to type a Web address on the small on-screen keyboard, before clicking in the address bar on your browser, turn your iPhone to a horizontal position. The keyboard will now be larger, making it easier to type an “e” and not a “w”. Here is a timesaving tip for making phone calls. When browsing the Web, if you locate telephone number you need to call, simply tap the phone number on the screen and your phone will dial it.

More Efficient Typing

Apple itself offers a number of tips for getting more out of your iPhone. If you are typing using the on-screen keyboard, try tapping the space bar twice at the conclusion of a sentence. Your iPhone will automatically include a period then capitalize the next word you type. If you need to spice up your message with special characters, just touch and hold a letter for a couple of seconds. As you do this, a variety of special characters will show up. After that you can easily insert these symbols into your message.

Quick Printing, Personalized Entertainment

If you own an AirPrint-enabled printer, you are able to print documents, emails, as well as Web pages from your iPhone. To print an email message, tap the Reply icon and then select “Print” and your phone will send the message to your printer. For a Web page, touch the “Action” icon and select “Print.”

Your iPhone can play your music, but did you know you can create a customized music playlist on the go? Open the iPod application, tap the “Playlists” icon and chose the “Add Playlist” option. After renaming your playlist, just navigate to the song you want to add and choose it.