An Analysis of Smartphone Charge Pads

If you have a smartphone it is probably a crucial part of your life. You use it to enjoy music, read, check you mail, navigate to stores, and last but not least make calls! Yet, if your battery dies you can’t put it to use. And, let’s be truthful, finding your charger and a free outlet in your house can be irritating and no easy task in the modern tech-savvy homes or apartments.

But there is now an easier solution to charge your device: a smartphone charging pad.

Charge your phone wirelessly

These flat pads, which resemble little mats, enable smartphone users to charge their phones wirelessly. What this means is no searching for an available outlet and no struggling with twisted cords. Better still, you can put many devices on your charge pads at the same time and charge them all at one time. Charge pads work with everything from smartphones and electronic readers to iPods, iPads, and digital cameras.

This may seem like magic but charge pads rely upon electro-magnetic induction charging. They produce a magnetic field, which charges the battery in your smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices.

Charge pads a technology in progress

You would imagine that these would be more widely used then they are. But, there are a couple of reasons why they aren’t. To start with, they are a bit pricey, often costing as much as the gadgets you want to charge.

One more reason is that they take up space. Consumers who want to clear away the mess of cords don’t mind this, but this doesn’t help people aiming to create more space on their desk.

An improving wireless world

The great news is that technology is always improving, especially in the world of wireless products. It certainly won’t be too long before the market is sprinkled with businesses supplying new and improved charge pads. And you can bet these new pads will eliminate the price and space problems that so far have kept these devices from becoming must-have items.