Is the Promise of the Paperless Office yet Another Jet Pack?

We have been hearing about the paperless office for what seems like years now, yet most office buildings today still depend on fax machines, copiers, and forests worth of paper documents. Is the paperless office like the individual jet pack? Long promised but never delivered? The simpleRead more

Get More Out of Your New iPhone With These Quick Tips

iPhones do a lot more than make calls! We are able to stream movies and TV shows, update our social sites, and listen to music. They can even give us direction to places we want to go. It appears as though the only thing they can’t doRead more

The Segway turned 10!

It wasn’t that long ago that inventor Dean Kamen thought his two-wheeled personal transportation device, the Segway, would revolutionize transportation. Sadly, the Segway has grown to be synonymous with technology failure. Kamen envisioned a future filled people zipping around town on a Segway PT scooter to runRead more

Disaster Recovery: What it Means For Your Business

Disasters can happen to any company and they come in many forms and severities. They could be everything from a natural disaster, to a well-meaning employee accidently downloading a dangerous virus, to something crucial getting mistakenly deleted. These what-ifs can keep you up at night, so forRead more

Manage your projects effectively with these online tools

The chances are good that you, as a small business owner, are juggling many projects at once, and the odds are equally high in this era of virtual workers that many freelancers and consultants spread throughout the country are working on these projects. It can be toughRead more
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